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About Surgical Mastership

This course is designed for a Practicing Implantologist to enhance their surgical skills by a four day surgical mastership program.

Each participant will be able to confidently perform on both hard tissue and soft tissue management using cutting edge technology.

Both National & International Leaders in the field of implantology will share their expertise with participants to give personalized hands on training. Each participant will practice on models, animal heads and on specially preserved human cadavers to hone their skills and broaden their expertise to start incorporating challenging scenarios in their implant practice.

Every participant will learn & perform independently the following procedures on models, animal heads and specially preserved human cadavers.

• Socket preservation
• Onlay bone grafts
• Ridge splits
• Direct & Indirect Sinus Lifts
• Nerve repositioning technique
• Connective tissue grafts
• Guided bone regeneration
• Palatal Grafts
• Use of piezo surgery
• PRF application
• Balloon Sinoplasty
• Pterygoid implants

Dr Girish Rao MDS., FDSRCS(Eng)., FFDRCSI(Ire)
Professor & Senior Consultant Faciomaxillary Surgeon

Dr Prasad Joshi, Pune, India
Senior Consultant Implantologist & PRF Specialist

Dr Neel Bhatavadekar, Pune, India
Senior Consultant Periodontist & Soft Tissue Management Specialist

Dr Suphachai Suphangul, Bangkok, Thailand
Senior Consultant Implantologist & Sinus Lift Specialist

Course Fee INR 60,000

ISG's Surgical Mastership Program Time Schedule
Date Time Event
20th April 2017
8:30am to 9:30am Registration,
Introduction & Ice breaking session
9.30am to 11.30am Hard tissue management & bone graft,
socket preservation,
ridge split techniques

Dr Girish Rao
11.30am to 1pm PRF techniques

Dr Prasad Joshi
1pm to 2pm Live surgical demonstration of Harvesting Symphysis bone graft, onlay bone graft & demonstration of PRF

Dr Girish Rao & Dr Prasad Joshi
2.30 to 5.30pm Hands on training on Peizo surgery, bone grafting techniques, Socket preservation

Dr Girish Rao & Dr Prasad Joshi
21th April 2017
8.30am to 1.30pm Soft tissue management in Implant Surgery

Dr Neel Bhatavadekar
2pm to 5pm Hands on training on all the soft tissue procedures on animal heads

Dr Neel Bhatavadekar
22nd April 2017
8.30am to 10:30am Direct & Indirect Sinus lift techniques

Dr Girish Rao
10.30am to 1.30pm Advanced sinus lifts

Dr Suphachai Suphangul
2pm to 5pm Hands on training on all hard tissue procedures on animal heads. Socket preservation, Harvesting of bone, Ridge splits, direct and indirect sinus lifts, Pterygoid implants

Dr Girish Rao & Dr Suphachai Suphangul
23rd April 2017
9am to 5pm Hands on training on all hard & soft tissue procedures on specially preserved human cadavers.

Dr Girish Rao

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Have some Questions?

This is a signature programme of ISG. Its a more than a decade now since the programme started and more than 600 implantologists have been trained all over the country and abroad. Programme highlights include 4 modules of intense training spread over 6 months. Participants get to plan, place and restore 2 implants.

Four module programme spread across 6 months. The Modules are conducted over the weekend (Friday, Saturday, Sunday). Each day of the module typically starts at 9.00am and end by 5.00pm

Course fee is 1,20,000/- (with 15% St).

Registration to any of our programme is necessary. Participants can register by sending us an email of confirmation to isgicoi@gmail.com . A registration fee of Rs.10,000 must be paid to confirm participation in the programme.

Yes. All participants must pay the course fee in full during the First Module.

Payment plans are offered to students after discussion and consent from the mentors.

All participants get to plan and place implants during the course.

Implant Study Group requests all its participants to get their own patients. Nevertheless, participants from other cities will receive assistance in this regard.

ISG Fellowship programme is not a system oriented programme. Hence , there is no single system that is practiced or recommended. However for the sake of convenience the participant will get to place implants from a company that is used at the center.

ISG can help participants find accommodation close to the center.

All participants are eligible to apply for the ICOI Fellowship (USA) after the completion of the course. Applicants are required to submit 10 completed cases with one year follow up to the mentors. Which will then be processed and sent to the ICOI in USA Applicants will have to pay the prescribed fee for the Fellowship directly to the ICOI through bank transfer. Applicants will receive assistance at every step from coordinators at ISG.

Payments can be made through Cash, Cheque or NEFT transfer.